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Now awaiting regulatory updates from defra following intense lobbying for grandfather rights, clarity of regulations inclusive of mesh and external kennel runs, open plan boarding designs, discriminatory licensing officers and the necessity of this industry

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Welcome to the UK Alliance of Catteries and Kennels. 

Here at the UK Alliance of Catteries and Kennels we are focused on you and your business; your livelihood. We are here to represent this industry as it is today; a far cry from the tin money it started out as many years ago!

The UK Alliance of Catteries and Kennels commenced in May 2021 following a successful social media campaign ‘Save Our Industry’ which gained a vast amount of traction in a short space of time to highlight the difficulties our unsupported, unrepresented industry was facing due to the covid19 pandemic. 

We secured exceptional advice from Sir Lindsay Holye and attended a zoom call with BEIS Under Secretary of State, Paul Scully. We started actively speaking with councils throughout the UK to secure covid19 grants for our industry, highlighting our urgency to receive grant funding while saving businesses, homes and livelihoods. Realising the many other issues our hindered industry faces and collating hundreds of case studies confirming these issues we launched the UK Alliance of Catteries and Kennels. A true voice for our industry that will stop at nothing to be heard and to get our industry correct for all of us. A representative body interlinked with JMW Solicitors and in direct communication with government, irrespective of political party. 

9 months from launching the UK Alliance of Catteries and Kennels we have been heard in the House of Commons via adjournment debate (3.11.2021) under Sara Britcliffe to secure a direct meeting with Defra, drafted and submitted three ministerial essays to varying sectors relevant to the future of our industry, we have support of an extensive range of MPs and Ministers, attended a zoom call with Secretary of State Michael Gove (26.01.2022) regarding levelling up our pandemic impacted industry. All whilst providing an excellent, positive service to our members with discounted affiliates and a documentation of legal fund request from JMW solicitors for all members to submit to their council for grant support due to Omicron.

It doesn’t stop there…

The UK Alliance of Catteries and Kennels are attending a zoom meeting on February 2nd 2022 with Nigel Huddleston, Under Secretary of State for Sport, Heritage and Tourism. Evidence of industry income has been supplied by our members and collated to show an average of 98% of our industries income is from a means of tourism. Our industry is part of the tourism chain. 

On February 10th 2022 the UK Alliance of Catteries and Kennels will be in attendance at Westminster for a specific Secretary of State meeting…more to follow!

Very exciting times ahead for all of us! We look forward to you joining our / your Alliance.


Success Stories

‘Had an email this afternoon from Argyll & Bute council, they have awarded us a £6000 discretionary grant. Apparently it will be in our account within 10 days. Thank you so so much for all your help. This grant will really help us’

Elizabeth Johnson

‘Dorset Council said no so I rang the person who sent the reply to explain why not and tactfully asked if he had actually read what was sent to him. After a 20 minute call where everything he came up with a reason why not I referred him to areas of your document which countered his argument and in the end he agreed to go away and read the documents again. Later that day I received an email, as clearly he didn’t want to call and loose face, and the upshot is Dorset Council are now a YES. Many many thanks to you’

Helen Moorat

‘I woke up to a grant in my bank this morning, it’s the discretionary restart one. Thank you so much for all your help. NKDC council’

Stella Mitchell

‘This is kirklees Council, West Yorkshire. Feel free to use this to support our case for those not getting support. Thanks for all your work 

A payment of £8000 has been awarded to you in line with Hospitality, Leisure, Tourist Accommodation and Personal Care Businesses or their Supply Chain – Additional Restrictions Support Grant’

Phil & Jo 

‘Blimey! Babergh have sent a Discretionary Restart Grant of £8k! That should keep the wolf from the door for a bit. Wow! Thank you!’

Stella Jocasta

Hi, just want to say a massive thankyou for helping me get these benefits. Within 2 days of sending the letter you sent me, the Chief Executive had asigned someone to me. Within a week they had put £8,400 into my account. Just last week they put another £2,667.00 in. Without your help I would not have received this and don t know what financial state I would have been in.

Hope now going forward we will all build our way back up to where we should be. I am really grateful to you and to your kindness and thoughtfulness to others.

If ever your down my way lunch is on me,
Forever grateful

Katie, Ayranbrau Kennels & Cattery xx

‘A big thank you and a virtual hug to you and your team though for helping me get this far x thanks a million’

Carolyn Foody

‘omg i am in bits i will have the full 8k by the end of the day its just been confirmed
thankyou so much for everything its just saved me from a lot of financial problems & helps me move forward for a while longer
please send me info on membership so i can make sure i join up
now it defo time to have a gin xx’

Dawn Platt

‘I encourage any cattery or kennel owner to join the Alliance, the support you will receive from Claire and Craig is amazing. Our business has been severely affected by Covid and they have helped me out so much with advice about approaching my Council for the funding grants we were entitled to. They are so motivated to help and know their stuff. It’s been great to share some of the burden of this past difficult year with with people who understand the challenges we have faced. And they have big plans – I am looking forward to getting a financial and website review as part of my membership plus much more. The future of our business has been secured because of the Alliance. Join today! Thanks’

Fran, Chimneys Cattery, Swindon, Wiltshire

‘Hi just had an email from West Lancashire council telling me they have awarded £4000 one off payment. Thank you so much for the help and guidance.’

Laura Cooke

‘Hi, think I’ve got a good update, some money has just landed in my account from lancaster council! Not got detail of what it’s for but it must be the grant! Thanks for the help!’

Helen Burrow

‘I can’t thank you enough for your support’

Claire Jackson

‘You guys are fab, we’re proud to be part of the group’

Louise Courtney

I just want to say a massive thank you to you and Claire for doing this.  I was totally sideswiped yesterday by the grant and it will make such a difference to me.

I’m really grateful to you both.

Thank you 🙂

Liz of Lea Wood Cattery

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