Westminster with George Eustice and our MP

On February 10th 2022 the UK Alliance of Catteries and Kennels attended a meeting at Westminster with George Eustice and our MP. In 2022 we have attended meetings with SOS Micheal Gove regarding leveling up our industry and Tourism Minister Nigel Huddleston who has confirmed our place within the tourism chain. In George’s meeting we addressed the following – Industry coding (the fundamental reason we were overlooked during the pandemic) Regs (open to interpretation, linked to charity and welfare forcing financial impacts to our industry and individual businesses) Star Rating ‘Guidance’ as released on 1.2.2022 Inconsistency with Licensing Officers Overzealous Licensing Officers impacting our businesses Licensing fees Businesses trading without a licence VAT Rates Industry loss due to lack of support and representation Legal link with JMW Issues with councils and grants We also had an opportunity to highlight individual cases for our members directly to George, some of which he was very shocked by. We supplied George with a vast range of evidence and information we have been collecting since March 2021.

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