The UK Alliance of Catteries and Kennels understand, respect and value our members. We will take a keen interest and strive to implement solutions. Open and honest, we keep members informed about what matters to them.

Every industry / business concern will be addressed, whatever the topic may be. Our aim is to reply to all members within a 48-hour timeframe.

Our focus will always remain on the welfare of our industry, your business and of course; yourself. At no point will we judge, criticize nor demean any member. As an Alliance we believe in total equality and a safe space for all members and staff alike.

We strongly believe that great things will come from positivity, enthusiasm, strong leadership and working together.

We will always strive to deliver an excellent member experience. Your satisfaction within our Alliance is paramount.

We commit our time and energy into implementing the changes highlighted within our plans.

We commit our time and energy into you, your business and protecting your livelihood