Our Industry

Our presence within this industry commenced as the marketing campaign ‘Save Our industry’ which was set in motion on Easter weekend 2021. This plight began with the sole intention to save our own businesses and, once we knew how desperate so many were within this forgotten industry, grew very quickly into the intention to save every cattery and kennels; to ultimately save
our industry.

While obtaining grants was the pressing issue we also found, from case studies, phone calls and a vast number of messages, that there are other
inconsistencies within our industry. Such as disparity with star ratings, licence regulations interpretation, licence fee was not harmonised, VAT, our association with Defra and more – our industry was seemingly overlooked, ignored,
pushed out and disregarded from all angles.

We were then at a crossroads, but we knew too much to walk away. Why has no one addressed these issues within our industry before? Could we turn our back on these issues and go back to ‘normal’ whatever that may be? Or will we strive to achieve all these things and more for our industry…

The decision was made, and an Alliance created, and this is just the start. Your faith in us has brought us to a dynamic point where we hold in our hands a real opportunity to reflect this industry, your business, as it is today. A far cry from the ‘tin money’ it started off as!

From the outset our focus has been you, the business owners, and moving forward we want to assure you that we will always have this industry’s welfare and your business as our highest concern.

We are here for you on this current journey – while we also plan for our future together.