Our Strategy for the Next 10 Years

Simplicity & Innovation

‘Make it simple but significant’.

There are many ways to centre an industry representative business. In our view, obsessive customer focus is by far the most productive. By customers we mean you, our members.

To us the objective of our Alliance is simple – Stronger Together. We are here to create the simplest most effective route for you to thrive within this industry while benefitting from exclusive members offers, employment advice, legal representation, and our assistance throughout your membership, regardless of the issue or concern. We will speak for you and stand beside you.

Amazingly simple, and it could not be more significant; our priority will always be you and your business.


‘Innovation is change that unlocks new value’.

Change created us, your Alliance, and change is what will move our industry forward. In this age of commerce innovation is imperative to have a visible online presence both with your business website and social media. UK Alliance are proud to be affiliated with Perform Online and together we will help you achieve the correct level of presence for your business within this industry. Coupled with review and social media training we will forever keep an eye on trending categories, interests and algorithms relating to our industry and impacting your business.

Our members only Facebook group features ‘live rooms’ – with a wide variety of industry representatives and covering a wide range of topics all relevant to your business. These are scheduled within our group and take place as a live question and answer to ensure our community is strong, informed, and interactive. Going forward these will become podcasts.

As your Alliance we are eternally striving to be ahead, ensuring you have the greatest opportunity to achieve the highest potential revenue from your business while enjoying the freedoms of your lifestyle.